The disadvantages of selling an empty home

When buyers are looking at homes to purchase, not only are they gauging the atmosphere of the home but they are also visualising how their furniture and sentimental items would fit into the home. As they wander through they are getting a sense of what their life might be like if they lived in the home.

If the property they are looking at is empty, it can make it very difficult for a buyer to make an emotional connection and imagine where their belongings might fit. Empty homes can often feel cold and uninviting.

Another disadvantage to an empty house is that buyers can clearly identify any defects in the property as they are not distracted by the furniture. Cracks in the wall, unlevel floors and chipped paintwork will all be glaringly obvious if there is no furniture in the rooms.

The solution is to have your empty home staged by the specialist property stylists at PB Homes, Adelaide.

Our home staging service is tailor made to suit the individual client and we can provide complete styling packages to work within your budget.

By adding stylish furniture, artwork and accessories you can dramatically increase the properties appeal to a range of buyers.

Not only are PB Homes professional property stylists, we have a builder’s licence so our styling and trade services also include:

  • Property Styling  we look at the complete picture to make sure your home stands out with the ‘wow’ factor among comparable properties in Adelaide.
  • Furniture Hire – we have the largest variety of furniture and accessories available in Adelaide.
  • Gardening – we can arrange professional gardeners to make sure your garden looks tidy and inviting.
  • Painting – the colour scheme of your home can make an enormous difference to sales.
  • Electrical – if your wiring and fixtures are tired, we can arrange a safe, reliable sparky.
  • Flooring – cleaning, replacement or restoration services organised.
  • Pressure Cleaning – cleaning of outdoor areas and the exterior of the home.

With PB Homes styling your home, we will stage your home to its best potential when it’s time to sell. The idea is to prepare your property in the fastest time, with minimum outlay, so you can recoup the highest return.

Home staging provides the distinct advantage over selling an empty and uninviting home, where you would be competing with furnished properties.

Call PB Homes now on 08 8297 8339 and have a chat to us about staging your empty Adelaide property for sale.