Does all of my furniture need to be removed for styling?

If you’ve decided to take the exciting step of having your property styled in readiness for sale, a question you may ask is “do I need to remove all of my furniture”?

The answer to that is yes and no. Sounds confusing right but it depends on certain circumstances as to when your home stylist may suggest all of your furniture should be removed.

At every stage of home styling, your property stylist will be giving you honest and objective advice on how to best present your home so you can achieve the best possible sale price.  Ultimately, that is what every property owner wants, to achieve the maximum sale price when they put their home on the market.

At PB Homes, specialist property stylists exclusive to the Adelaide regions, our mission is to professionally style properties in the fastest time, with minimum outlay, so you make the highest return.

We tailor our packages to suit our client’s individual needs. We can fully furnish your empty property or offer blended styling where we combine some of our furniture, artwork and accessories with some of yours.

For example, our property stylist may integrate accessories with your bedroom furniture or remove a bulky lounge suite to be replaced with a slim line, modern piece.

Our artwork, accessory and furniture hire service can be tailored to fit any style – whether it be classic, contemporary, traditional, retro or bohemian.

If it is agreed that all your furniture should be removed, our extensive range of warehouse stock includes:

  • Artwork – prints, sculptures, statues and more.
  • Soft Furnishings – rugs, throws and cushions in a range of colours and textures to suit any themes.
  • Linen – dining, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.
  • Accessories – for any style or occasion. Glass vases, crystal ware, table settings and candles.
  • Furniture – we can provide retro, traditional, contemporary, Scandinavian, in fact almost any style of furniture.
  • Outdoor – furniture, pots and plants to suit your outdoor space.

Whether we use our furniture or a combination of yours and ours, you can rest assured the final look will be absolutely stylish and cohesive. You will be thrilled with the results!

We understand it can be discerning seeing your home radically changed with different furniture.  That’s why we work with you and oversee the entire process to create a neutral but stylish space that will appeal to buyers in the market.

Don’t leave your property styling to your Adelaide home to anyone but the industry experts at PB Homes. Call us on 08 8297 8339 and take advantage of our free consultation.