Selling your investment property? PB Homes can get you maximum return on your investment

Investment properties are generally held long term to take advantage of capital growth over a period of many years. However, for some landlords there comes a need for them to sell an investment property.  It could be for debt reduction or simply to make way for other investments in their portfolio.

Investment properties, just by their sheer nature, can sometimes not be as well cared for as say the family owned home. When it comes to selling a property, the same rules apply to an owner-occupied home as to an investment property – to get the best possible sale price, it must be presented in a way that appeals to buyers and brings them to your door.

PB Homes are well versed on this philosophy. We have been assisting Adelaide homeowners and investment property owners achieve the best possible sale price on their homes since 1995 with our specialist property styling services.

We can take an empty, uninviting investment property (that may even need some minor repairs) and transform it into a stylish, neutral and inviting space to appeal to a range of potential buyers.

We do this with our 22 years of styling expertise and a vast range of furniture and accessories for hire in our purpose-built warehouse in Adelaide.

For properties that may need minor repairs, we are licensed builders so can take on any jobs or repairs for:

  • Gardening
  • Painting
  • Electrical
  • Flooring
  • Pressure Cleaning

PB Homes are the one stop shop when it comes to styling your home ready for sale. No need to try to style the property yourself or organise different trades, we can take care of it all, and our services are tax deductible!

PB Homes offers professional, objective advice and offer free consultations for investment property owners to discuss staging their investment property for sale.

If you want a speedy quote and a company that will stage your home quickly, call PB Homes now on 08 8297 8339. You will be amazed at the results!