Tips to getting your property ready for sale

The time has come to place your much beloved home on the market. The thought of it can seem absolutely overwhelming, there is so much to do and where do you start? You and the family have been there a long time so getting it ready for sale will be no mean feat.

PB Homes Adelaide have been assisting Adelaide homeowners achieve the best sale price on their homes since 1995 with our specialist property styling services. We know everything there is to know about presenting a home for sale in a style that appeals to a broad range of buyers and brings those buyers to your door.

Here, PB Homes share our tips to getting your property ready for sale so you can begin the many tasks of preparing your home sale.

Repairs & Maintenance

Check and clean gutters.

Patch and paint where necessary in the interior and exterior of the home.

Ensure windows, doors, garage doors and gates are operational.

Tidy gardens and mow the lawn.

Repair any visible leaks and audible squeaks.

Remove any unwanted items and unfinished projects.


Clean thoroughly inside and out including walls and window coverings.

Professionally clean windows, carpet, rugs and soft furnishings.

Clean oven, stove tops and range hoods.

Clean bathroom exhaust filters and air-conditioning filters.

Eliminate any odours and pet smells.


Check kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

Ensure lights and locks are functional.

Check water heaters, pool and spa equipment, plumbing and fuse box.


Declutter all rooms.

Remove unnecessary or bulky furniture.

Remove family photos, knick knacks, books, old clothing and toys.

Once you have ticked off the tasks outlined above, it is time to get serious about the sale price you would like to achieve. The way to achieve maximum results for the sale of your home is with specialist property styling.

PB Homes are specialist property stylists operating exclusively in the Adelaide market. We have over twenty-one years experience styling homes for sale in and around Adelaide, and a dedicated warehouse bursting with quality furniture, accessories and artwork to suit all styles of homes.

Staging your home for sale gives you the advantage and will help you sell your home faster and at a premium price. Call PB Homes now on 08 8297 8339 if you would like to know more about home staging and how we can maximise the sales potential of your property.